Starting A Startup On The Web

One of the most difficult things to achieve today is building a successful, profitable, and prominent web-based startup company. What’s surprising, however, is that it’s also the easiest to attempt; requires the least amount of capital investment; and needs virtually no initial business plan. Despite these enticing low bars-to-entry, actually building a successful startup on […]

A Software Engineer’s Job

As a software engineer you have to learn to wear many hats. The question has been posed to me many times before; what do you do? As a software engineer I have to learn to see things differently, because my job requires that I solve problems. Though not only is it important that I come up with a […]

A Software Project Journey

Often it is the case that software development is viewed as an arduous journey, down a long and gloomy road of uncertainty, challenge, and surprise. While I acknowledge this notion, I’d like to challenge you for a minute to view it in a positive light. Software development can be very fun, and I — for […]

This Little Thing Called Apple

I wanted to take a moment to talk about a little thing called Apple Inc., which is thriving right now. Formerly known as Apple Computers, a company that started back in the 70′s and saw the toss and turn of the technology industry tide more times than most tech companies would hope to see, this […]

Password Hashing And Why People Do It Wrong

Not that we need any more reasons to badger people about why they shouldn’t be hashing their passwords using weak hashing algorithms such as MD5 or SHA1, but I felt that perhaps some insight from the other side could help open some eyes. Over the years I’ve been hired to write code, fix code, as […]

My Chat With Joel Spolsky on Why StackOverflow Works

I certainly enjoy talking to and learning from some of the fascinating engineers behind the world’s most popular sites. I figure if you want to be a better programmer you should talk to as many good programmers as you can. So this week I had the pleasure of talking to Joel Spolsky, former Microsoft employee, […]

How to Write an Operator Precedence Parser in PHP

Writing a parser is not something you normally do in PHP, but I thought it might be fun to at least understand the computer science aspect of a parser. These days most complex parsers are generated by automated software programs that can be supplied specific rules and produce code that will follow those rules. Hand […]

Web Analytics with PHP and Google Visualization: Made Simple

The web is a place where everyone is in your backyard. This can be both a blessing and a curse. How do you know where your website traffic is coming from and how much of it there is? How do you know the difference between traffic that comes from a bot (or automated software) behind […]

PHP OOP: Objects Under The Hood

Programming languages help us solve everyday problems and express our solutions in multiple facets. PHP offers us the ability to develop our solutions using OOP (Object Oriented Programming), as well as the ability to develop those same solutions via a procedural style of programming. I would love to take a good long look under the […]

A Closer Look Into PHP Arrays: What You Don’t See

PHP is one unique language where the array data type has been highly generalized to suit a very broad set of use cases. For example, in PHP you can use an array to create both ordered lists as well as dicts (key/value pairs or maps) with a single data type. A PHP array isn’t an […]

Test Drive PHP 5.5: A Sneak Peek

There’s been some talk about PHP 5.5.0 over the past couple of months even though it is barely on the horizon. The reason for this is that the PHP project has seen some increased levels of activity over the last two years since the dawn of PHP 5.4 and now in to the early twilight […]

Finally Getting finally In PHP?

It’s quite possible that PHP may finally be getting the addition of the finally block in its try/catch block. This would mean PHP may be inline with supporting finally, as many other languages, with a similar exception model, already do. This has been a requested feature in PHP dating as far back as early 2005 […]

JavaScript & CSS Modal Dialogs and Popup Windows

In the 90s we used to use popup browser windows as a way to replicate the modal dialog windows of a traditional desktop software application. Despite the inherent flaw that the popup window doesn’t allow the dialog to become a modal child of its parent. The method of creating a popup window in javascript has […]

Dynamic Types and PHP Made Simple – With Examples In C

There are both gains and losses involved in using a dynamically typed language. For those who aren’t fully aware of what dynamic types are or how they’re applied allow me to give you the long and short of it here. For those of you who just want the two-cent tour here it is… For The […]

Building A Data Center: What It Takes

It’s been question on my mind for the last few years… what does it take to build a data center? So I’ve done a lot of research on the topic, and today, I’d like to explore that question in some detail with you – sharing my findings. We’ll take a look at what things you […]