Programming languages became popular in recent years alongside improvements to the latest technology. Every time a new programming language is created, a software engineer or technician needs to know new information and knowledge. For the past few years, the programming community puts efforts to bring innovative ideas with more involvement of the programmer in the results of the program. As a result, few of the simple programming languages reduced the syntaxes of the program from 10 lines to 5-3-line syntax. They became famous for encouraging non-programmers to learn to program.

The evolving of programming languages is still happening and some languages are still considered powerful despite their faults. Learning the process of the programming gives a boundary to the ideas which can be designed through them. It also allows thinking beyond boundaries to create an evolved language or new language. The oldest languages had to be updated to stay up to date with the latest technology. Programming languages like JAVA and C language have been consistently improvised to form better versions. Here are a few top programming languages which every programmer must know.


Python was released 15 years ago through an open platform. The codes are simple and flexible to write complex programs. In recent days, python picked up the demand as non-programmers find it easy to learn and work with python. Rather than working with long codes that tend to bore and wear out interest levels. However, there are some issues with identifying errors for inexperienced programmers. Interestingly, complex programs in robotics and artificial intelligence can be created with python language. The simplified code language makes dumping complex programs into robots or devices user-friendly. The security systems these days are run with python language. The power of python is high and learned by powerful programmers in case they need to speed up things.


JAVA is all time programming language. Becoming a real programmer starts with learning the JAVA language. Errors can be easily identified and rectified. It is used in almost every device or technology by companies, organizations, startups and small businesses. Students participate in competitions where programmer designing the best JAVA program wins a prize. The compatibility of JAVA is high. It is the main programming language for professional programmers in any field. Having a unique technology in companies for their safety is highly preferred these days. The demand for JAVA programmers to design new ideas and implement them is immense. Programming groups like GitHub or Stack Overflow are about JAVA programmers where everything is possible. With JAVA programming, a programmer can do any complex task on any platform.

C programming 

C programming is a must-learn subject for all major engineering students. Learning solely C programming allows a programmer to easily self-learn other programming languages and create designs to implement them. There is a recent decrease in demand due to the emergence of easier programming languages. But, the importance of using a C program in different platforms, its compatibility and strong ability to complete multiple tasks has always been in demand. Powerful technological companies like Microsoft and Apple still use C programming for certain tasks. It has existed since long and every device used from clocks to laptops is being made by the C programming indirectly or directly. The importance of the language is by calling it “Universal Language”. C++ and C# are newer versions of C, equally powerful and important programming languages.


JavaScript is officially considered the best programming language in programming communities. Programmers expect the next extravagant language to be JavaScript. The advantage is its speed. When a complex program runs quickly and easily, it mostly opts for programming languages. One of the reasons why it isn’t used in powerful companies is because of some issues faced while running it. There have been countable complaints about running JavaScript and still need to be fixed. Currently, many websites are running with JavaScript. It is taught alongside HTML for new programmers. Start-ups are working on how to effectively use JavaScript for the benefit of their company.


Ruby recently became a popular programming language. Starts ups are looking forward to experimenting with Ruby for multiple purposes. Popular start-ups like Airbnb and GitHub are completely built with Ruby as the main programming language. Yet, many aspects of this language are unknown and to experiment. It is similar to Python having a fewer number of lines to code. Ruby is also known as a beautiful way to code. The speed of running code is much faster than any other code, making it an incredible choice for a quick application run test. One main side-effect is not running for complex codes. When there are errors, the application blocks out. It makes it tough for programmers and increases risk while using it. The scope of the Ruby language is expected to rise soon. Hence, Ruby is considered one of the must learn programming languages.